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Our Property Experts.
Our Local Property Experts aren't based in branches; which means they can be on hand 7 days a week;
outside of the 9 to 5 to help at every step.

Jones Thomas

Property Expert for Huddersfield & Mirfield areas

07929 357 804

I moved homes 3 times in quick succession having re-developed them and I think this is where my passion for property first cemented itself.

Jones Thomas is a successful local businessman, alongside his business partner Chris Stoner, with years of experience supplying the country with stationary supplies – primarily the NHS.

Due to his success he has pushed himself to do his best for his young family and set himself a goal to get the best property possible for them, mortgage free, by working incredibly hard alongside his wife to keep moving onwards and upwards and capitalise on equity created from renovations, extensions and modernisation.

Because of this life goal he became aware of the flaws which blight the property industry and noted his frustrations with bad practices and lack of energy – which motivated him to improve. To create a company which can be better. Turn his negatives into positives for buyers and sellers – to give people the service they need and deserve.

“My customers are our primary focus. At Ezmuve we aim to make the process of selling your home easy and less hassle. There is no need for uncertainty and stress. Through my experiences and passion I believe this is in my blood and my company will lead the way”

“Huddersfield is the area I chose to cover as I have lived here all my life and know all the areas well. I am well known locally and organise an annual Black Business Expo alongside a team of my lifelong friends to bring people together and get the community working together and helping each other succeed”

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“I am determined to see Ezmuve growing within and across the West Yorkshire area over the next few years.”

Frances Stoner

Property Expert for Batley & Dewsbury areas

07794 328 977

Frances Stoner began her Estate Agency career at 13 years old during the late 90’s property boom.

Every night after school for two hours she carried out the brochure photocopying and ordering photos (proper ones nonetheless) and looked after the Estate Agents with hot chocolates and a giggles!

With parents as property developers who frequently flipped properties, Frances received a wealth of experience regarding property market and how it works from an early age and managed to get on the property ladder herself at age 20.

When the opportunity arose to join an exciting brand new local estate agency set up from within her husband’s business she leapt at the challenge. Now the entire family works in and around Ezmuve Estate Agents – the children are as passionate as mum and design graphics for trade shows.

"I have chosen to cover Batley & Dewsbury as quite simply I LOVE this area – Been born and bred in Dewsbury so definitely can showcase best parts of it and tell all the great stories for newcomers."

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“I love the people – Batley & Dewsbury folk are the salt of the earth – hearts of gold. ”